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How To Choose the Correct Propeller
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Selecting a Propeller for Optimal Performance: Why is the correct propeller selection so important?

•Better Gas Mileage: Engines max RPM set at engine peak HP. •Top End Speed: Prop set at max RPM. •Best Cruising: Staying on plane at lower RPM. •Maximum Performance: Adjust pitch to achieve your engine RPM at peak HP. For maximum performance, top speed and better acceleration, a stainless steel propeller is usually required. (Most pleasure boats are factory equipped with aluminum propellers, which are less expensive). •Choosing the correct pitch and number of blades will allow your engine to operate within the RPM range recommended by the manufacturer. •Variables to consider: 3 Blade vs. 4 Blade, Size Diameter x Pitch, Material, Recommended RPM's, and Performance...

Rule of Thumb: •Increase propeller pitch to lower top RPM at wide open throttle (WOT) Full-Trim. •Decrease propeller pitch to raise top RPM at wide open throttle (WOT) Full-Trim. •Diameter may or may not be adjustable for your application. •It is very important to choose the correct number of blades. (3 vs. 4). •Choosing a propeller with the incorrect pitch, can damage the propeller's blade surface due to excessive cavitation.

Definition of Commonly Used Propeller Terms Cavitation: A phenomenon of water vaporizing or boiling due to the extreme reduction of pressure on the back of the propeller blade. This causes air-rated water which causes the prop to slip. Diameter: The first number listed when describing a propeller. It is two times the distance from the center of the hub to the tip of the blade. Also can be described as the distance across the circle the propeller makes when rotating. Pitch: The second number listed when describing a propeller. The forward movement (distance) of the propeller after one revolution, assuming there is no slippage.

The Outboard Wizard's Prop Exchange Program! We put the money where our mouth is! We are one of the few companies offering this type of unique program. If we recommend a prop that does not perform to your expectations we will exchange it free of charge, no questions asked! Details - We must recommend the prop or be in agreement with your choice. - The Propeller Exchange Program is for Stainless Steel props only. - You must provide all of the following details for a correct recommendation. Boat type, size, weight, engine specs, current prop size, and current RPM's at wide open throttle. - You will be given a brand new prop. The prop must be returned in new condition and in the original box and packaging. There will be a surcharge for any damage done to any props or boxes. - If the prop does not perform to your satisfaction we will exchange the prop free of charge. You are only responsible for shipping costs and stainless steel props must be insured during shipment. Unfortunately, due to their weight, props do not qualify for the free freight program. - Any returns for refund on props will be charged a 20% restocking fee.

Types of Props offered by BRP: All Stainless BRP props are now equipped with the new TBX prop hub system technology. Prob hub kit included with props labeled TBX. Adds a new level of durability and reliability to the Raker II, Bass, Renegade and Cyclone Propellers as it is a removable hub system. Cushions shock loads to protect the lower unit drivetrain and designed to endure extreme tempertures. V4 and V6 TBX Hub kits are now available. Styles of props offered by BRP: Rebel, Raker, Renegade, Rogue, Hydrus, Cyclone, and Viper.