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Evinrude Johnson Winterizing Outboard Maintenance Kit Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!
Evinrude $99.00 Special! Winterizing Outboard Maintenance Kit
Everything you need to winterize your outboard engine in one neat package for one low price! (Includes Winterizing Instructions.)
This Evinrude BRP product maintenance kit includes 6 important products necessary, to properly prepare and protect your marine engine for the spring-summer season.

Includes: 1. 2+4 Fuel Conditioner 32 ounce PN 509765 Build-up in the fuel system will lead to many problems. Prevention is the key. Evinrude fuel additives will help, and prolong the shelf life of your gasoline.

2. Hi-Vis Gearcase Lubricant Kit 32 ounce Bottle & Lube Pump PN 778748 Marine specific inhibitors and emulsifiers deliver unequaled protection against corrosion and lubricant breakdown caused by water intrusion.

3. Fogging Oil 12 ounce Standard Spray Can PN 777186 Spray through carburetor intake of running engine to protect against internal corrosive acids and rust during winter storage.

4. Garden Hose Flushing Attachment 500503 Attachment to adapt to hose in order to run your engine on land while winterizing.

5. Triple Guard Marine Grease 3 ounce Cartridge Gun Kit PN 775615 Protects from rust and oxidation in salt water, salt, air, water, and corrosive conditions.

6. 6in1 Heavy Duty Penetrating Lubricant 12 ounce aerosol can PN 777192 Heavy duty anti-corrosion and antirust protection. Penetrates rust, reduces friction and displaces moisture.

7. Engine Degreaser 15 ounce Spray can PN 775622 Water based degreaser and cleaner cuts heavy grease and oil quickly from engines. Spray on and rinse off. Harmless to electrical systems.

8. Winterizing Instructions TheOutboardWizard's step by step process for winterizing your Evinrude Johnson outboard engines.