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# 390831 * 15.5 x 14 SST II . V6-8 For Cruisers. * P/N Obsolete- Call to check in stock.

Obsolete part Number 390831 - Call for availability.

New genuine Evinrude BRP OMC in original box. * P/N 390831. Three hub exhaust. 3 blade. Stainless Steel II.

V6-8 OMC Stainless Steel-SST II Propeller. 15 1/2 inch diameter x 14 inch pitch. Recommended for large Cruiser boats at speeds of 23-34 mph.

For use with the following engines:

V-6 150-235 HP. and 2.6 litre.

V-4 with V-6 Gearcase, 100-140 HP.

V-8 250-300 HP, and 3.6 litre.

Technical Details:---SST II---Double cupped blades on the SST II propeller let the user trim out more for greater speed. The outboard can be mounted higher for peak performance with less slippage then single cupped blades. With the SST II propeller, more MPH means more MPG. Boats go farther as well as faster on each gallon of fuel. Like the SST, the SST II propeller features super thin blades for cleaner bite and extra thrust; yet they're still 5 times stronger than aluminum.

All major credit cards accepted. Shipping cost based on actual weight of 20 lbs..

Call the Outboard Wizard at Lindenhurst Outboard Marine Service at 631-991-4491 to check availability in stock before ordering.

Bombardier List Price = $496.89 (P/N 390831 Obsolete).

See Part Number # 763962 and 174926 SST RH Stainless Steel, right hand prop for replacement of # 390831.

Also check out BRP's newest prop "The Rebel"...

The new Rebel propellers, designed and engineered to deliver even greater fuel economy plus improved midrange and top-end performance. Great in offshore, large runabouts and even large pontoon boat applications for maximum boat and engine performance.  3-blade propellers, designed with a large diameter and efficient blade contour to provide faster speeds at lower rpm, improved fuel economy for more miles per gallon, increased top end speed, and a longer cruise range. The Rebel propellers are made of highly polished stainless steel with right-hand and left-hand rotation available. 
Rebel Prop Diameter x Pitch and Part Numbers:  In stock, Call Shop to Order (631) 991-4491.
15 3/4" x 15":  RH P/N # 763658  LH # 763659,  

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Call Shop for propellers sizes and part numbers not listed on website - 631-991-4491
# 177132 and # 391536 Superceded by P/N 763453
# 763962 15 x 15. SST II. V6-8 For Lg Cruisers. Supercedes PN 174926
# 390831 * 15.5 x 14 SST II . V6-8 For Cruisers. * P/N Obsolete- Call to check in stock.
# 765186 superceedes P/N763471 and # 391535 15 x 15 Alum V6-8. For Lg Cruisers.
# 389925 15 x 16. V6-8 SST II. For Lg. Cruisers
# 763467 14.8 x 17 Alum V6-8. See Part 763467. For 22-26 Cruiser.