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# 438017 Mini Fuel Filter Water Separator Filter Kit
Over 10% blend ethanol fuels will damage your outboard marine engine. Use a water separator filter for added protection.

Evinrude BRP OMC Catalog Part Number # 438017

For Evenrude Johnson ETec Outboard Engines:


For any engine 115 hp or smaller - Standard on 105 hp commercial engines.
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More Information: Adds protection (removes water) happening more and more since 2006 widespread distribution of 10% ethanol blend fuels at U.S. pumps.

Note: Ethanol absorbs water, now making water seperator filters and other precautions necessary for all marine engines. Gasoline oxygenated with alcohol (ethanol) readily takes up water when it is present. The water may be condensed out of humid air or be a contaminant in the fuel system.

- Never use fuel with over 10% ethanol in a marine engine.
- Test the fuel at pump and in your tank for percent alcohol and water.
- Some marine engines experience major problems when usung ethanol alcohol fuels (Example boats with fiberglass gas tanks can not use alcohol fuels).
- Never use fuel more than 90 days old.
- "Vapor lock": Loss of power or engine shutdown due to gasoline vaporization in the fuel system.
- "Phase Separation": If water is present, gasoline oxygenated with alcohol will separate into two liquid phases: a top phase which is almost all gasoline (and oil, in the case of 2-cycle fuel) and a bottom phase of water and alcohol.
Symptoms of excessive water/alcohol in outboards include: Failure to start, stalling, performance issues - poor acceleration, disintegration of parts, clogged fuel systems and more.
Long term effects (months) of ethanol alcohol fuels include gumming, increased engine deposits, filter plugging, clogging of carburetor jets, deterioration of rubber and plastic parts and more.

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P/N 777186 Fogging Oil -Standard Non-Injection Hose Can Storage
# 777186 Evinrude Storage Fogging Oil Injection Spray Can 12 oz.
# 775629 Carbon Guard Evinrude BRP OMC 12 oz.
# 775615 / # 508320 Triple Guard EP/Wheel Bearing Grease Gun Kit.